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What is black slate?

Black slate stone is a natural stone formed in the special condition, it can be separated into bricks, tiles with equal thickness. No other building roof has the luxury and durability of black slate. The natural beauty of black slate has created an impressive point for the constructions, it can combine in harmony with the architectural styles from ancient to modern. The black slate has created unlimited creative inspiration for architects in the world for hundreds of years. The famous black roofing slate constructions in the world have to mention such as Paris City Hall ... There are domestic constructions such as Hanoi Opera House, Lao Bao Trade Center (Quang Tri province),...

Through the water absorprion tests, our company's slate bricks and tiles only absorbed 0.002% of weight when immersed for 48 hours achieving high waterproofing.
is a natural slate material, no shrinkage, warping in any change in hot or cold temperatures, so the Northwest black slate roof is more durable than any other artificial roofing materials.
Northwest black slate roof is 100% fireproof because it is natural slate material, unlike other materials can burn, oxidize.
Compressive strength, modulus of rupture tests of slate and tile types have reached and exceeded the strength, wear, and especially acid resistance.
A black slate roof is 4 to 5 times stronger than the best artificial material on the market today. So you can save on your maintenance, roof replacement costs.
Excessive products during the roofing process as well as after disposal are not used, this material does not affect the environment and human health. You can use them to make brick blocks, paving the way.
Natural black slate roof is more durable than 100 years,
more durable than any other artificial types of tile, roofing sheets

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